Global Missions

NICARAGUA  |  Glen & Jana Kauffman

After 5 years of short term mission trips to Nicaragua, Glen & Jana felt the call of God to full time missions in Nicaragua. They moved there and began their ministry full time in July 2012. Their vision is to show the love of Jesus one day at a time, one life at a time. In everyday circumstances, by helping with the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the Nicara- guan people. We want to see the young people of Nicaragua understand Gods purpose for their life and to help each one rise up as disciples of Christ.

New Day Ministry, 299 McMurray Rd., Canton, PA 17724 | 570-360-5113

MEXICO  |  Melvin & Anna High

Flame of Truth Ministries is to assist missionaries on and off the field, to provide opportunities for those desiring to experience short term mission work and to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ. Their is to reach the lost at any cost. Flame of Truth provides a place where missionaries can come out of to stay as they rest, relax, and fellowship with other missionaries, stock up on needed supplies, get visas renewed, etc. Many use the ministry as their U.S. mailing. They supply Bibles, literature and tracts when available. They also supply Video Schools in Spanish, a food pantry, Church services and at times Spanish courses. Flame of Truth provides a place where mission groups can stay. They can take you to Mexico, set up services, Bible schools for the children, manual labor jobs, and provide interpreters. They only ask each one to help share the cost of maintenance so they can continue to bless many others. Flame of Truth is here to serve you!

732 El Dora Rd, Donna, Texas 78537 | 956.464.4631

UNITED STATES  |  Endless Mountains Pregnancy Care Center

Endless Mountains Pregnancy Care Center Provides alternatives to abortion for women with unplanned pregnancies through offering care and practical help.

PO Box 42, Canton, PA 17724 | 570.673.4476

UNITED STATES  |   Israel & Judy Cohen

Israel loves to share the Good News of Jesus the Messiah with Jewish people. Israel and his wife, Judy, joined the staff of Chosen People Ministries in 1978, and began their active ministry in the Metropolitan New York and New Jersey areas. They are now stationed in Florida, one of the fastest growing Jewish population centers in the world. Along with being a gifted evangelist and teacher, Israel Cohen is also an effective preacher of God's Word.

241 East 51st,New York, NY 10022 | 212.223.2252

NEW GUINEA |  Will & Kelly Tallman

As Tribal church planters to the jungles of Papua New Guinea, much of their work is comprised of linguistics. First, they learn the Kuman tribal language that had never been written down. Then, they develop a written language for them and begin to translate God’s Word into that language. Next, they teach them how to read and write in their language through literacy programs that they develop.

New Tribes Mission, 1000 East First Street, Sanford, FL, 32771 | 407.323.3430

KENYA | Jon & Molly Stern; Eleanor Stern

King’s Kids Village—founded by Paul & Eleanor Stern—opened in 2002 in Nairobi, Kenya. Stern believes the Lord told her that we would raise future leaders for the nation, so there mission is to love and raise orphans. Kin’gs Kids aims to keep siblings together—no matter their age or medical condition. We have four group, which allow 8-10 children to live in a “home” atmosphere with a set of “parents” in each home. Currently, we have 33 children, ages ranging from 1-17. 23 of these are in our in-house school, where we are using ACE curriculum, a strong Christian based curriculum that keys in on character training.

20 Poland Rd., Danville, PA 61834 | 217.443.6219

King’s Kid donations: Encourager’s Unlimited, PO Box 22763, Lincoln, NE 68542

KENYA  |  Irvin & Ruth Schwandt

Rehema Home (meaning: “Mercy” in Swahili) in Kenya, Africa is dedicated to the long-term care
of abandoned and orphaned children, regardless of their health status, who have no
family to care for them. It was the overcrowding and horrendous conditions of the
government homes that galvanized Irvin and Ruth Schwandt to provide proper, loving care for Kenya’s abandoned and orphaned children until they reach 18 years old or are adopted. Rehema Home does not promote itself locally, but will admit all babies and children with out prejudice. This allows all children to lead lives within a healthy, loving, family environment, regardless as to whether or not they’re sick.

Rehema PEFA Home, 1703 Dalton Road, PO Box 57A, Lima, NY 14485

England  |  Rev. Maryllis Hughes

New Life Church, 299 McMurray Rd, Canton, PA 17724

SUDAN |  John & Jennifer Maxwell

In 2005, God gave MSI the opportunity to build and operate a medical mission in Southern Sudan. In October 2006, the Akot Medical Mission opened its doors to patients. Today,the present medical staff sees over 100 patients daily. The Mission
is a beacon of light among the lost and hurting Dinka people. It is an instrument God can and will use to share the Gospel, not only among patients, but in the surrounding villages across South Sudan. The fact that 10% of children do not live to see their 5th birthday and infant mortality rate is over 15%, is something God would not allow MSI to ignore. It is their desire to make a dent in those and other awful statistics as the hospital staff, doctors, nurses and ministers share their medical and spiritual experience to help lower this mortality rate and raise the “eternal life” rate.

Kingsway Church Missions, c/o Rev. James Tate, 61 William Feather Drive, Voorhees, NJ 08043 | 856.719.8281

SUDAN  |  John & Janice Jenkins

John & Janice serve with Wycliffe Bible Translator in Cameroon but
their work extends into six surrounding countries and this next term our roles will be expanded to cover the continent of Africa. Cameroon has about 16 million citizens and 289 languages. Eighty of those languages have the Bible translated and we are currently working on seventy additional translations. Having the Bible translated into the heart language of the people is essential to reaching them through evangelization and church planting. The Jesus Film is also translated through our work.

Wycliff Bible Translators, 10107 Timber Hitch Dr, Waxhaw, NC 28173

WORLDWIDE  |  Ron & Christi Bishop

Ron and Christi Bishop conduct leadership training conferences for ministry leaders in various nations. They work with veteran missionaries in various nations, and set up to come in to minister to those whom they have raised up. They also respond to other denominational groups in their area--inviting them to join them for leadership intensives and conferences.

Shepherd Shapers, PO Box 460889, San Antonio, Texas, 78246