Our Story


While co-dairy farming with his brother,  Glen and Arlen Landis were leading the Alba Christian Church youth group in his home, which was his first position in ministry leadership in the Bradford County Area.

May 1975

In the spring of 1975, a home group was started in the home of Jim Fitch. Led by Pastor Glen, this home group regularly featured times of testimonies, prayer, worship, and teaching.

October 1975

Rev. Kenneth Edlin of Faith Temple in Rochester, NY prophesied to members of the home group when they attended a meeting at the Open Door Chapel, Trout Run, PA where Pastor Barbara McGowen was the pastor at the time. Pastor Edlin prophesied to the group that they were to come out of their home group and meet in a “store front or an old theater building.” Ironically and without Rev. Edlin knowing any details about the potential availability of a theater in Canton, Jim and Carol Fitch, who were in attendance that night, owned the Rialto Teater in Canton at the time.

Pastor Glen was unable to attend this meeting at Open Door Chapel, but during this same week, God spoke to him from Genesis 26:18-22, concerning re-digging the wells of salvation and of the Holy Spirit in the local churches. God was now asking him to, “move away and dig another well, and be fruitful in the land.” He felt it was confirmation that God was calling the group to begin a new “work.” As they desired wisdom and counsel from men of God, Pastor McGowen took them to Elim Bible Institute to speak to the brethren only to find them unavailable. She then took them to see Pastor Edlin at Faith Temple in Rochester, NY.

November 1975

A few weeks later, he and the brethren from Elim Bible Institute came to a meeting at the theater with the pastors and the group desiring God’s will. They felt God was leading the group and put their “blessing” on them. In addition, the brethren from Faith Temple and Elim Bible Institute had told Pastor Glen and Arlen that before they ordained them into the ministry, they wanted to see the church functioning for three years and at that time would re-evaluate it. In the meantime, Pastor Edlin had left Faith Temple and was replaced by Pastor Bill Wilson.

November 23, 1975

The doors of New Life Temple in the former Rialto Theater in Canton open for the first time, as a step of faith in obedience to God’s word. The majority of people who attended the church at this time were previously members of the Alba Christian Church.


In May of 1976, Pastor Edlin and his wife, Marilouise, encouraged them to go the Rhema Seminar at Bethesda Christian Church in Detroit, MI, where they were introduced to the book, “Understanding God and His Covenants,” authored by Patricia Beall Gruits. Through visits to Bethesda Christian Church, then known as Bethesda Missionary Temple, the Pastors became acquainted with the Pastors James and Harry Beall. Their mother, M.D. Beall, who was alive at the time, started the church in 1934 as a result of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, known as the “Latter Day Rain.”


Pastor Glen was formally ordained by the laying on of hands by Pastor Bill Wilson and Carlton Spencer, President of Elim Bible Institute.


In September of 1981, Pastor Arlen was formally ordained by the laying on of hands by Pastor Bill Wilson.


The Pastors and their wives joined the Bethesda Ministerial Brotherhood, under the leadership of James and Harry Beall. This ministerial group provided a place of fellowship and counsel under leaders who are brothers, as are Pastor Glen and Arlen, and who were successfully leading a church that had been birthed as a result of revival and the Word of the Lord and had stood the test of time. Pastors Glen and Arlen also received their credentials by the leadership of Bethesda Christian Church at this time. 1989 New Life Temple purchased a 34-acre plot of land ,2.3 miles north of Canton on Rt 14.


The church family broke ground on the new octagonal-shaped facility on the recently purchased property, featuring a new sanctuary, offices, classrooms, nurseries, and bathrooms. 


The new facility was dedicated, allowing for years of growth and expansion for the New Life Church family. 


The church began construction of an expansion project featuring new bathrooms, a commercial kitchen, additional office space, additional classroom and nursery space, a gymnasium, and a youth center. 


The expanded facility is dedicated and the Family Life Center and Vertical Youth Center are officially opened. 


New Life dramatically expands it outreach to the community and abroad via the addition of two Little League baseball fields, a state-of-the-art playground, a spinning bike class, the gymnasium/family center is open for morning walkers , a new cutting-edge website, community projects, the addition of a Children's/Youth Pastor and sent our first In-house missionaries to serve in Nicaragua. The church also takes several missionary trips to Nicaragua and other countries.  


After much prayer the Pastors and Elders began searching for the man who would lead New Life after the announcement of the retirement of Pastors Glen and Arlen Landis.  In September of 2015 New Life Church unanimously voted to have David Ayer be the next Senior Pastor.  November 22, 2015, during the celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the church,  Pastor David and Denise were established as Senior Pastor by Pastor Glen and Pastor Arlen and their wives.  On January 23, 2016, New Life held an installation service to formally acknowledge the transition.